The art of Marie-Denise Douyon reflects a cross-cultural identity informed by the confluence of three societies: her native Haiti, her childhood land, Morocco, and her adopted home, Quebec. Douyon transports us to mythical and sacred places interwoven with warriors, lovers and deities. With the invisible and the visible, she tells a story inspired by the Africa of her childhood, suffused with tenderness, depth, poetry and fantasy.

As a Montrealer in a Quebec increasingly concerned about climate change, Douyon focuses her artistic approach on themes related to global warming, ecological disasters and their social and environmental impacts. A dedicated recycler, she creates unique works from discarded material and found objects.

Douyon’s art has been exhibited in many cities, including Montreal, Vancouver, Port-au-Prince, Washington, Dakar and Paris. She also had the privilege of showing her work at the Bardo National Museum in Tunis, Tunisia, at a group show of Canadian and Tunisian artists

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