Marie-Denise Douyon on the footsteps of her Moroccan childhood

In the spring of 2014, during a stay with one of her childhood friend in Morocco, Marie-Denise Douyon spent her evenings drawing. Her imagination retraced the traveled landscapes, from Marrakech to Ouarzazate via the Valley of roses, the Atlas Mountains and the desert of Merzouga.

Douyon’s inspiration is influenced by the imaginary cities of Haitian painter, Préfète Duffaut and Austrian artist Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser. In theses colored pencils sketches, shimmering Kasbahs, appear on the back of a sheep, a mule or on the hump of a camel rendered in an elongated manner, reminding us of Modigliani’s art. The atist’s underline the Berber presence in these sketches; a slender and linear form, symbol of the free man is ever-present to underline the Atlas pride.

During this Moroccan trip, while in Essaouira, Marie-Denise Douyon drew a portrait of a Saharan Gnawa.

Length: 2 min 30
Director: Radu Juster